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CBN Flowers

CBN (cannabinol) flowers grow in MAGIC FARMERS’ sustainable cultures. Flowering has been optimized to favor the development of CBN, an intense and natural cannabinoid.

CBN flowers are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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Here’s a flower which is likely to attract more than a few curious onlookers! The Great White Shark gets its name from its numerous trichomes, which give the flower a particularly attractive white coat. It emits significant relaxation sensations, thanks to its CBN level, a pain-relieving, stress-reducing, and muscle-relaxing cannabinoid.
CBN at 10% | THC < 0.2%


CBN Hash

CBN resin is made from organic hemp flowers, whose flowering has been optimized to favor cannabinol. MAGIC FARMERS’ hash is born from traditional manufacturing methods, through the condensation of CBN flowers’ pollen.

CBN resins are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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Discover the must-have Caramello with CBN! This popular hash rests the mind and body thanks to its high concentration of cannabinol. It emits very sweet odors and flavors, always pleasing to the most discerning palates. This resin defines relaxation in its most indulgent form!