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THCP Flowers

THCP flowers grow in MAGIC FARMERS’ hemp cultures. Flowering has been optimized to favor THCP, an intense and natural cannabinoid.

THCP flowers are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please check your local legislation.

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Wapanga THCP

Wapanga THCP is a distinctive strain. Originating from earthy, spicy, and lemony strains, it is particularly favored by regulars. Its high concentration of tetrahydrocannabiphorol ensures quick and convincing effects.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Grenadine kush THCP

Sweet and delicious, Grenadine Kush stands out for its softness. Its indulgent flavors actually conceal strong relaxing effects, which are felt within the first few seconds. It is particularly associated with tranquility and relaxation.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Ghost Train THCP

Head towards relaxation with Ghost Train, rich in tetrahydrocannabiphorol. With this vigorous bud, easily recognized by its numerous white trichomes, you won’t be left standing at the station! This strain has the unique feature of taking your mind on a journey. It’s perfect for a meditation session.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Pistacchio THCP

For lovers of coffee and nuts, this THCP flower is the one! We reach the pinnacle of expertise with the Pistacchio variety, originating from a hybridization of ultra-indulgent strains. Its warm flavors combine with balanced effects, between mental stimulation and physical relaxation.
THCP: 6% | THC < 0.2%

Sour Diesel THCP

Intense and heady, THCP’s Sour Diesel will melt your heart legal cannabis enthusiasts. With its blatant gasoline, offset by a surprising sweetness, Sour Diesel is a nugget not to be missed. not to be missed.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Moon rock THCP

Coated with pollen, this THCP flower is the strongest available on the market. It has an earthy smell on the outside but a sweet heart. Part resin, part flower, Moon Rock provides extremely powerful relaxation effects thanks to its unthinkable 30% THCP content.
THCP : 30% | THC < 0.2%


THCP Trim is made from our finest tetrahydrocannabiphorol varieties of tetrahydrocannabiphorol. The blend of varieties gives it balanced and complex flavours. In addition to being ultra-economical, THCP trim delivers intense effects.
THCP: 6% | THC < 0.2%

Small Buds THCP

THCP Small buds are harvested at the same time as our our traditional flowers. Concentrated in hydrogenated cannabidiol from our best varieties, they are also one of the they are also one of the most economical economical solutions!
THCP: 6% | THC < 0.2%

THCP Prerolls

These pre-rolled joints are made from our finest strains of THCP flowers. Gone are the long minutes spent trying to roll your joint! The prerolls are ready to be consumed immediately.


THCP resin is made from hemp flowers, whose flowering has been optimized to favor tetrahydrocannabiphorol. MAGIC FARMERS’ hash is born from traditional manufacturing methods, through the condensation of THCP flowers’ pollen.

THCP resins are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please check your local legislation.

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Ketama Gold THCP

Ketama Gold Hash has been crafted using traditional Moroccan methods. Its golden color, sweet yet spicy flavors, as well as its effects of physical relaxation and mental rest, make it a favorite among connoisseurs.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Super Filtered THCP

Introducing the indispensable and trendy Super Filtered THCP! Not only have the floral buds of this resin been filtered three times to keep only the best, but the high concentration of tetrahydrocannabiphorol also ensures immediate relaxation.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Kabul Express THCP

Direction relaxation with THCP’s Kabul Express. This tetrahydrocannabiphorol resin, easily recognizable easily recognized by its dark color and spicy spicy flavours, is made using traditional techniques. Perfect for regulars.
THCP: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Gold Riff

Behind its dark appearance, Gold Rif resin conceals a melting heart with golden reflections. This intense hash emits spicy, even peppery flavors, and finishes with lemon notes. Its composition with tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) ensures immediate and intense effects.
THCP: 15% | THC < 0.2%

Les Olivettes THCP

Olivettes are hash “balls,” intended for fans of rich and heady resins. Their texture and smell take us back to the roots of resin! Authentic, Olivettes are also surprising for their relaxing effects, primarily due to THCP.
THCP: 15% | THC < 0.2%


Available in different concentrations, THCP oils are prized for their vigorous action. They are designed in our workshops from our MAGIC FARMERS’ hemp cultures.

All our THCP oils are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please check your local legislation.

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huiles thcp

THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) oils are cannabinoid concentrates, acting swiftly and effectively against stress, pain, and tension. Rare in the market, they have been developed in our workshops.

This product is for aromatherapy use only. Do not ingest or consume.

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THCP: 5%-10% | THC < 0.2%

THCP vapes and e-liquids

MAGIC FARMERS’ THCP e-liquid is developed in our workshop, respecting the classic recipe of commercial e-liquids. Discover our selection of e-liquids, available in different flavors and with various THCP concentrations.

All our THCP e-liquids are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please check your local legislation.

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vape thcp
THCP vapes

MAGIC FARMERS THCP E-liquid is developed in our workshop by respecting the classic recipe of e-liquids. The e-liquids are available with different tastes .

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THCP : 20% | THC < 0.2%

Puff Kiwi Skunk THCP

A tangy burst that enlivens the taste buds! Kiwi Skunk puff instantly relaxes and motivates. Containing 20% THCP, it works in just seconds.

THCP: 20% | THC < 0.2%

THCP Cherry Cake

Rich cherry flavors blend with cake’s sweetness. Cherry Cake puff, with 20% THCP, relaxes and delights with its fruity and enjoyable taste.

THCP: 20% | THC < 0.2%

Our gummies

THCP gummies, crafted in our workshops, offer a delicious way to enjoy the effects of tetrahydrocannabiphorol, a coveted and potent cannabinoid.

All our THCP candies are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please check your local legislation.

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bonbons THCP
THCP Souvenir Gummies

THCP souvenir candies are colorful pastes to be kept. They are not intended for consumption. Do not swallow, do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. Contains no THC.

For souvenir use only.

THCP: 3 mg/candy | 20 candies per box.