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Magic Sauce flowers grow in MAGIC FARMERS’ hemp cultures. Flowering has been optimized to favor MAGIC SAUCE, an intense formula that stimulates the natural effects of cannabinoids.

MAGIC SAUCE flowers are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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For thrill-seekers, Magic Sauce’s 911 OG is just for you! For those with a burning passion for life, this enhanced THCP flower delivers powerful feelings of well-being, motivation, and joy. Magic Sauce’s wonder recipe will never cease to amaze
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%


With Crazy Dog Magic Sauce, experience a sensory explosion! This striking bud offers an immediate sensation of physical and mental relaxation, coupled with a sudden desire to embrace life to the fullest. The new Magic Sauce recipe, with enhanced THCP, profoundly intensifies your sensory experience.
Magic Sauce: 20% | THC < 0.2%


Blue Cheese strain is easily recognizable by its intense relaxation effects, amplified by the Magic Sauce, an enhanced version of THCP. It relaxes both body and mind within minutes and promotes a contemplative state. Its unmistakable cheesy flavors named it!
Magic Sauce: 20% | THC < 0.2%

La Confidential MAGIC SAUCE

Praised by both cannabis connoisseurs and experts, L.A Confidential is the queen of relaxation. It delivers feelings of tranquility, calmness, and even sedation. Our L.A Confidential boasts an impressive concentration of Magic Sauce, a new formula which enhances the potency of tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP).
Magic Sauce: 20% | THC < 0.2%


Caviar Haze is a Magic Sauce flower dedicated to gourmets! Its sweet and bitter fragrances deliver a soft sensation on the tongue. Caviar Haze, with its strong relaxing effects, will also tend to slightly stimulate the mind, motivation and creativity.
Magic Sauce : 10% | THC < 0.2%

Alien-OG-Magic sauce
Alien OG, enriched with Magic Sauce, is a treasure in the world of Indica! This floral peak offers a sensation of motivation, relaxation, and euphoria due to its high concentration of Magic Sauce. It relaxes while stimulating productive thought.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%
Gorilla cookies Magic Sauce
Gorilla Cookies MAGIC SAUCE

Gorilla Cookies, a Magic Sauce flower, is particularly pleasing to the taste. It emits soft cypress aromas and surprises with its sweet, honey-like notes. Containing 10% Magic Sauce, Gorilla Cookies ensures immediate relaxation.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Khalifa Kush magic sauce
Khalifa Kush MAGIC SAUCE
An especially authentic Magic Sauce flower! Khalifa Kush, inspired by the variety developed by Wiz Khalifa, is a characterful, spicy, and bold summit. Perfect for resting, Khalifa Kush acts as a true calming agent!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%
Accapulco Gold magic sauce
Acapulco Gold MAGIC SAUCE
Acapulco Gold, a legendary strain existing for decades, originates from the lush coastal city of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This sativa-dominant hybrid is considered a classic in cannabis folklore. Experience it in its Magic Sauce version!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%
Yoda Ice Cream Magic Sauce

May the Force of flavors be with you! Magic Sauce’s Yoda Ice Cream is a true epic for senses. Tasty, heady, and refreshing, it also provides an intense feeling of well-being due to its high concentration of Magic Sauce.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC: 0.2%

Purple Gelato Magic Sauce

Purple Gelato is a sweet floral pinnacle that delivers a gentle sensation of joy and well-being. Thanks to its concentration in Magic Sauce, a formula that enhances the effects of THCP, Purple Gelato soothes while stimulating the mind.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Tinky Winky Magic Sauce

Tinky Winky stands out for its stimulating effects on the imagination. Enter a bewildering universe thanks to its positive influence on divergent thinking. This flower contains a high concentration of Magic Sauce, an innovative and vigorous formula.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Milky Way Magic Sauce

While gentle in flavor, Milky Way invites you on a true mental journey, sparked by Magic Sauce. It calls for meditation, calmness, and imagination… Explore Milky Way’s soft pleasures!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC: 0.2%

Samourai Jack Magic Sauce

It’s worth noting that it really stands out! The delectable Samourai Jack is a variety widely acclaimed for its distinctly bold flavor, combining subtle earthy notes with a touch of spice. Perfect for a deeply relaxing experience, this flower’s strength lies in its high concentration of Magic Sauce.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Magic Sauce
Embark on a journey to the clouds with the delicious Cotton Candy! Celebrated for its light and sweet flavor, Cotton Candy is a favorite among those who enjoy slightly sugary flowers. Experience a wonderfully relaxing moment thanks to its high concentration of Magic Sauce.

Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

AK48 Magic Sauce

Brace yourself for a flavor explosion with our powerful AK48. This exceptional variety blends the rich taste of hemp with delicate earthy notes, delivering a uniquely remarkable experience. Crafted to offer deep relaxation, it features a high concentration of Magic Sauce.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

High Pepito Magic Sauce

Miami vibes with the High Pepito, a flower full of light, sweet, and heady flavors. Discover the creative effects of the Magic Sauce, highly concentrated in this floral tip. Intensity, spice, and sweetness, that’s the secret of the High Pepito from Magic Sauce!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

trim magic farm

TRIM Magic Sauce is made from our best Magic Sauce strains. Magic Sauce, a formula developed by Magic Farmers, enhances the action of THCP, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol. Economical, TRIM Magic Sauce offers intense relaxation effects.
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%

trim magic farm

Small Buds Magic Sauce are harvested alongside our traditional flowers. Concentrated in Magic Sauce, a Magic Farmers formula that amplifies THCP effects, they offer one of the most economical and effective solutions!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC < 0.2%


MAGIC SAUCE resin is made in traditional methods, thanks to flower tops concentrated in MAGIC SAUCE, a unique formula from MAGIC FARMERS that amplifies the effects of cannabinoids.

MAGIC SAUCE resins are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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Marrakesh Dream MAGIC SAUCE

Marrakesh Dream hash, crafted following traditional Moroccan methods, offers delightful spicy and saffron flavors. Resinous, heady, and compelling, this Magic Sauce hash provides sensational relaxation!
Magic Sauce: 10% | THC: < 0.2%


Charas Hash is a traditional Indian resin, known for its strong earthy aromas, greasy texture, and stimulating effects. This hash soothes the body while fostering creativity due to its high concentration of Magic Sauce.
Magic Sauce : 10% | THC < 0.2%


Crafted using an innovative extraction method, Static Hash astonishes with its spice and citrus fragrances. Between lemon and green pepper, the aromas of this resin are particularly subtle. The high concentration of Magic Sauce ensures immediate relaxing effects.
Magic Sauce : 10% | THC < 0.2%


MAGIC SAUCE e-liquid is developed in MAGIC FARMERS’ workshop, respecting the classic recipe of commercial e-liquids. Discover our selection of e-liquids, available in different flavors!

All our MAGIC SAUCE e-liquids are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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Magic Sauce Bars

Our Magic Sauce puffs are produced in our laboratories. They provide mental and physical relaxation effects that have already won over many of our customers. Discover our selection of delicious flavors: there’s something for every taste!

Magic Sauce : 20% | THC < 0.2%

Magic Sauce Bars 2ml

What if you could enjoy our delightful puffs in a generous 2ml size? Carefully crafted in our own laboratories, our e-liquids are available in a range of flavors, each more delicious than the next.

Magic Sauce : 20% | THC < 0.2%

Magic Sauce Cartridges

Crafted in our laboratories, our MAGIC FARMERS cartridges showcase the beloved traditional e-liquid recipes. Available in a range of flavors, these e-liquids are ideal for vapers looking for a relaxing and flavorful experience.

Each MAGIC FARMERS cartridge contains 20% MAGIC SAUCE and complies with regulations, maintaining a THC level below 0.2%.

Available in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes.

Magic Sauce : 20% | THC < 0.2%

Shatter & Crumble MAGIC SAUCE

Magic Sauce shatter and crumble are cannabinoid concentrates, which are the result of a full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extraction. They are developed in our MAGIC FARMERS workshop, adhering to strict standards.

All our MAGIC SAUCE extracts are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%).

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Magic Sauce Shatter

Magic Sauce Shatter comes from a broad spectrum extraction, promoting a vigorous entourage effect. It has a high Magic Sauce content, delivering convincing and intense effects. The Shatter contains over 90% pure Magic Sauce.

Magic Sauce > 90% | Cannabinoids < 95% | THC Free


Magic Sauce oils surprise with their vigorous action. Created in our workshops from MAGIC FARMERS’ hemp crops, they offer a unique experience.

All our Magic Sauce oils are legal in Europe (THC < 0.2%). Please verify your local legislation.

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Magic Sauce Oil

MAGIC FARMERS presents original Magic Sauce oils, a remarkable formula enhancing THCP’s potential! Crafted in our workshop, these oils are completely legal in Europe.

Intended only for aromatherapy application. Do not ingest or consume.

Magic Sauce: 5% | THC < 0.2%